How to check your car oil

Without oil, your car’s engine will grind to a halt. That’s why it pays to check your oil levels regularly and top them up if needed.  Sometimes your car will alert you to low oil levels with an engine light on the dashboard; other times your engine may be louder than usual and performance may… Continue reading How to check your car oil

Checking Tire Pressure: A Guide

The tyres on your car are one of the most crucial safety features. A vehicle’s tyres are what keep it from skidding and moving forward steadily. We all know that if your car’s tires aren’t working, you’re stuck where you are. The importance of tyre pressure in maintaining safe driving conditions begs the questions: how… Continue reading Checking Tire Pressure: A Guide

Car servicing checklist

After purchasing a vehicle, it is crucial that you stay up with routine maintenance and service. This is important both for getting the most enjoyment out of the vehicle during your ownership and for protecting whatever future resale value the vehicle may have. There can be as many as 75,000 moving components in a modern… Continue reading Car servicing checklist

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